Week 1 – Class Overview & Intro to Film Histories

Intro to Class, Course & Instructor
Student Past Experiences and Goals
Persistence of Vision: Intro to the Camera Arts
Review Syllabus
Setup Vimeo, Tumblr & FreeSound Accounts
**Class Notes

Lumière Brothers – Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory, 1895
Lumière Brothers – Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat, 1896
Georges Méliès – A Trip to the Moon, 1902
The Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight Tonigth, 1996
Lev Kuleshov – The Kuleshov Effect, 1929
Alfred Hitchcok – “Pure Cinematics
Chris Marker – Sans Solei, 1983
Gasper Noé – Enter the Void, 2009
Ridley Scott – Blade Runner, 1982
Jean-Luc Godard – Breathless, 1960

A Lecture — Hollis Frampton
Do: Watch your favorite movie, tv show, music video or social media channel (again). Take notes of the position of the camera: describe the different light, colors, characters, anything you see in the individual frames. Pick two different image/shot sequences that strike you. Take photos or screen shots of the sequence of five to seven shots.
Share: Post these images (in the original order) to the blog with a caption describing why you chose this particular movie and sequence of images. Be prepared to discuss in greater depth your observations and decisions in class.

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