Week 3 – The Cut: Sound & Vision

Project 1 – Photo Storyboards Due & Critique
Screening: How (they) Made Movies
In class exercise: Intro to Premiere – Digital Organization & the Timeline
*Hollywood Notes

Assignment for Tuesday 9/19:
The Silent Film Returns – on Social Media – Amanda Hess, NY Times

-Finish adding sound to your Storyboard. Upload it to Vimeo, email it to me and post it to the class blog with your name before 2pm the day of class.
-Go through videos on your device or social media feed that you have made in the past. With this “found footage” take notes of how you (historically) position the camera, your most often shot subjects, moments, lighting situations, etc. Look for your habits or patterns. Pick one or a selection of these clips that strike you and bring copies of the video files in a folder on an external storage device or QC cloud storage.

3 Still shots from the videos from your archive. Explain your findings.

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