Week 8 – Film + Video as Design Object

“How’s the Coffee” Assignment Due + Discussion
Screening: Film + Video as [ Sound + Vision + Time ] Design Object
Group Work: Pitch Project 3 – Workshop Ideas
Screening: Hitchcock + Classic Editing
Adobe Premiere Tutorial – How’s the Coffee Footage, Going Further
**Screening notes

Watch: Go out and see a movie in the theater.
Share: An image and explanation of your movie trip.

Email me your idea for project 3 by Monday. Please include some of the feedback you got from your classmates.

Start Project 3. Create a script, shooting schedule and storyboard for Project 3. Plan your equipment rental if you need a camera and a tripod. Start shooting if you can. Be prepared to talk about your project, show your storyboards and perhaps screen footage with the entire class next week.

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