Week 13 – Final Project Studio

Final Project Studio

Next week we have two guest critics coming!

Everyone must screen a working edit of their final project and participate in our discussion. Based on any constructive critique you get – you will have one more week to work on your final before submitting your project for a grade. Please come to class with your exported project on an external storage device.

You will upload your FINAL edit to Vimeo and email it to be by Monday December 18th at 6pm. All final projects must have and you will be graded on:
-Title and Credits at the beginning and end of the project. Credit everyone who helped you work on your film.
– Smooth Audio Transitions
– Consistent Audio Levels Throughout the Piece (ie the viewer is not forced to adjust their machine’s volume on play back)
– A Strong Opening Sequence, Consistent Pacing + a Considered Use of Time
– Clean Visual Cuts
– A (mostly) Still Frame (use of the tripod – or a good reason why not)
– Strength of Concept
– Overall Project Development (how the project evolved, how you solved problems along the way)

**Please fill out a Course Evaluation

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