Week 14 – Guest Critics

Today will be our final critique with our two visiting critics.

Based on any constructive feedback you get – you will have one more week to work on your FINAL PROJECT before submitting it for a grade. We will meet next week to screen projects, answer questions, etc.

All final projects must have and you will be graded on:

  • Title and Credits at the beginning and end of the project. Credit everyone who helped you work on your film.
  •  Smooth Audio Transitions and consistent Audio Levels Throughout the Piece (ie the viewer is not forced to adjust their machine’s volume on play back)
  •  A Strong Opening Sequence, Consistent Pacing + a Considered Use of Time
  •  Clean Visual Cuts
  •  A (mostly) Still Frame (use of the tripod – or a good reason why not)
  •  Strength of Concept
  •  Overall Project Development (how the project evolved, how you solved problems along the way)

You must upload and email me your FINAL EDIT by Monday December 18 by 6pm.

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