Week 01 – August 27

Week 1 : Class Overview & Intro to Film Histories
Intro to Course, Class & Instructor
Student Past Experiences and Goals
Review Syllabus
Persistence of Vision: Intro to the Camera Arts
Setup Blog, Github & FreeSound Accounts

Exercise: Posting a link and image to the Wiki.
***Class Notes

Read: A Lecture — Hollis Frampton
Share: Write a blog post of 1-3 paragraphs reflecting on the Frampton text. Quote at least one phrase that spoke to you. You can disagree with it, be inspired by it, maybe it makes you think of something else. Try to think about your own “rectangle” experiences in relationship to this text. Be sure to post the proper URL to your blog-post to the wiki. Always check your links after posting!
Do: If you have one, bring your DSLR to class. If you do not – make sure to purchase + bring an SD card.

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