Week 02 – September 4

Week 2 : Visual Narrative, the Storyboard and Sequencing
Intro to Working w/ the DSLR & Premiere
Frampton reading – Blog entries + Discussion
Lecture: Visual Narrative + the Storyboard

***Class Notes

In Class Exercise: Shooting w/ the DSLR

Project 1 – Create a narrative using still images. This is NOT a photography assignment – it is a Cinematographic project, meaning it must be evident you pre-planned your narrative and its production. You may even want to sketch the scenes out as a storyboard beforehand. Your work should display thinking through your production. You must use a DSLR and tripod and have the images printed through Photo Central in advance of class. You have two weeks to complete this assignment, so managing your time is an essential part of the project. You will be graded on technical aspects such as: focus, framing, exposure, WB as well as creative and aesthetic concerns in addition to telling a compelling cinematic narrative. You will email me a zipped file of the RAW images in advance of our critique on September 25 when you will bring the printed photographs to class with you.

Watch: Ways of Seeing – Episode 1 — John Berger
Read: Silent Films Returns – on Social Media — Amanda Hess
Share: Write a blog post of 1-3 paragraphs reflecting on the Berger and Hess texts. You can disagree with it, be inspired by it, maybe it makes you think of something else. Post a link to your post on the class wiki. Always check your links after posting!
Do: Project 1 is due next class: September 25.

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